My postcards affair

24 Sep

So this is my pinhole project- the postcards affair. I absolutely love this project– placing the postcard stand at bizarre places. The only problem is that the postcard stand is really heavy! So you can imagine how difficult it is trying to lug the whole stand from the canteen to the field– it’s crazy! The things i do for art!
ok this is not part of the postcard project, but it’s really interesting. And the process of trying to take the photo is amusing too. So i was crouching down looking at my stopwatch one day, worried that uncle xxx (sry i don’t know his name, but i know it’s not uncle jack for sure!) don’t come and push this trolley away in the middle of my photo taking!  aww it’s stained


lino prints 101

24 Sep

medium: ink and turpentine (i think)

size: 6 on top of a ring the math

time: 2009

my lino cut is all about my stuff that i had for a long time- my nike bottle,  the 7 year old pencil case, my 4 year old key chain, etc etc.

ah meng

24 Sep

everyone’s good old friend– ah meng

medium: pencil  size: 1/4 of A4  time:2009

it’s kind of sad how graphite has smudged everywhere, but it still looks good. phew, i spent so much time drawing this, seriously!

is ah meng not your good friend too?


24 Sep

Medium : felt cloth

Size: ~B6

I made this ages ago, i swear i can’t remember when i made it. this DIY photoframe set was given to me from my aunt, she’s the one to thank for my exposure to cross stitch, soft toys and DIY junk (no, jk!) etc. I’ve thought this is cute, and wanted to share it with everyone ; )

Do you like it?


24 Sep

katie vernon

24 Sep

tweets illustrated: “I hop over to “Everyone” on and read through the 20 most recent (less than 5 secs ago) tweets. I pick one that really stands out to me, write it down, and it might become one of my text-based illustration.

Tweets are really fascinating snippets of a person’s life. They can be poignant, humorous, or just plain random. I look forward to illustrating the tweets (hoping to do at least one/week) and invite other to do the same, or respond to a tweet in your own way!”

i love artworks that involve other people– strangers, children’s dreams, fairytales, family, pets, scandals, rules for life, whatever, you name it.

in fact, i think that this is similar to the one mr C showed us about how the artists translate children’s dreams (in the form of drawings) into photos. i think i have a lot to think about for the next coursework (i think i’m really continuing aep, everyone join me!) ok, like this will work.

anyway, to all calories freak (myself included):

i can never find my jeans

stuff no one told me

24 Sep

ok i saw these on theclotheshorse, and i just have to share these with you guys. in fact, check out the clothes horse when you have time, she shares amazing clothes with us, as well as extraordinary art from everywhere.

the last one is so true. and hilarious. i love this artist. in fact, i don’t really know who he/she is. i just love his/her works. being an artist, would you be disappointed not being well known? or are you just satisfied having your works appreciated by others?